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newsletter #3

here we are again, the rabbits didn’t sleep!

in between we released more beautiful music and many more artists joined our venture.
please have a look.

last releases
new website online
in the make

last releases

ERR 15

a cool tree by lecoultre / van veenendaal

lysander lecoultre – cello
albert van veenendaal – (prepared) piano

the press about “a cool tree”:

“this is a true pearl, a gem of spontaneous improvisation, born from the tradition of european chamber music and contemporary avant-guarde. wonderfull unity of piano and cello, dialogue of two noble instruments, both well rooted in the history of classical music.”
(jazzalchemist/ pl)

“le coultre’s plucked cello lines dance over ascending piano chords into heaven. wistful and yet full of determination. a poignant farewell.”
(freistil/ au)

“a heartwarming album”
(vrij nederland/ nl)

ERR 16

istanbul improv sessions may 4th by
mark lotz & ıslak köpek

mark alban lotz - piccolo, c-, alto-, bass flutes, prepared flute

ıslak köpek
şevket akıncı - guitar
kevin w. davis - cello
korhan erel - laptop, controllers
robert reigle - tenor saxophone
volkan terzioğlu - tenor saxophone

the press about istanbul improv sessions may 4th:

“this music is slithering and shaking with life.“
(monsieurdelire.com/ can)

“an astonishing, exceptional level of spontaneous interaction. this is free music in its most universal variation.“
(vrij nederland/ nl)

“fresh music, beyond every barrier, including electronic, electric and acoustic, between composed and improvised, classic and avant-garde. ... “
(mescalina, i)

“fascinating sound art and music, concrete poetry.“
(politiken/ danish)

ERR 17

u-ex(perimental) by lotz / kneer

mark alban lotz - piccolo, c-, alto-, bass flute, pvc contrabass flute, prepared flute, voice

meinrad kneer - double bass

guests: maraatsj ten hoorn – violin, mary oliver – viola, felicity provan - trumpet, voice, dana jessen – bassoon, jodi gilbert – voice, han buhrs – voice, yedo gibson - baritone & soprano saxophone, joost buis - lap steel guitar, guillaume heurtebize - electric guitar, alfredo genovesi - electric guitar & koenraad ecker – laptop

the press about u-ex(perimental):

“54 minutes of high-class improvisations with no moment of boredom! every track nails it.“
(jazzflits.nl/ nl)

“lotz and kneer are first-rate improvisers, and their guests aren’t bad either.“
(monsieur delire/ can)

“a fascinating journey with some of the most unique improvisers on the fertile dutch scene.“
(all about jazz (usa)

ERR 18

modern primitive by
klare/ platz/ kneer/ elgart

jan klare - alto saxophone, clarinet, flute
jeff platz - guitar
meinrad kneer - double bass
bill elgart – drums

the press about “modern primitive”:

“the album makes appetite for more. hopefully this quartet will stay together for a while.“
(jazzflits.nl no. 166/ nl)

“a fresh and varied performance, in which energetic free-jazz pieces are interspersed with calm, thoughtful tone gems. (…) exciting and high quality improvisational music.”

“this quartet uses its "inside" musical chops to its advantage, producing a truly cohesive collective sound that moves from sweet melancholy to the brink of total chaos and back in the blink of an eye. (…) ”
(allaboutjazz.com/ usa)

“modern: yes, primitive, yes. nevertheless, thought-through improvisations, whose origins are even dated before the first played notes and whose ends result from an unspoken understanding for timeline and length.”
(jazz podium/ d)

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new website online

changes in the use of the internet made it necessary to rebuild our website. now we got rid of all the flash files, therefore our website is now fully accessable by smart phones and tablets. we are very happy with our new webmaster lisa schonewille, who did a fantastic job. please have a look.


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from now on, you can follow our activities on facebook. Be welcome to visit us there and twitch the like button.

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in the make

we are happy to announce two new releases for may 2013:

ERR 19

bartleby the scrivener - improvisations based on herman melville’s book by
bodrato / battaglia / massaria / furia

fiorenzo bodrato - double bass
stefano battaglia - piano
andrea massaria - guitar
massimiliano furia - drums

ERR 20

give no quarter – by baars / kneer / elgart

ab baars – tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi
meinrad kneer – double bass
bill elgart - drums

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